August 2015

This month marked the start of the work proper – a mere six months after the car had been diagnosed with a bad case of tin worm. Three of those months were spent waiting for a restorer to come and pick the car up, and another three months waiting for him to decide what to do with it.

Sadly, the waiting and the estimate broke both my patience and potentially the bank balance, so I moved the car to Peter Flynn’s workshop. These images record the state of the machine as he received it.

Looking down from the back of the seat
Seat belt mounting
Hole in the floor. The vertical beam is welded there to keep the door opening in the correct dimensions.
Rusted out sill/dogleg on the driver’s side
Rust just above the jacking point – could the car have folded in half?
Sill cut away, driver’s side
Driver’s footwell – more holes in the floor
Corrosion just in front of the rear suspension mounting
Rusted out sill, two layers of metal simply oxidised away, driver’s side. New sill awaits fitment.