You’ve reached the home of Manek Dubash, journalist in a variety of fields but mainly technology, automotive, politics and beekeeping.


I’m lucky enough to live in a town that sits in the Sussex Downs – see the main image above – from where a multitude of things becomes possible.

However, if you’re really interested, there’s quite of lot of mind-numbing detail about my professional life here, but my focus right now is more on fun things like beekeeping and messing around with rusty old cars – or rather, as this YouTube video explains, one ROC in particular.


I spent the first portion of my working life as a trades union organiser, and the second part – the bulk – as a technology and business journalist. Those career chunks were separated by five years at college, learning about both those areas. So my interests cover a range of topics, mostly science, technology and nature-related, plus politics – a fundamental driving passion.

Right now, though, what consumes my time is beekeeping, old cars (new ones leave me cold, mostly), and railways, both modern and new.

I edit my local beekeeping association newsletter, which is fun. There’s more about us here. We’re organised and here to help, so if you think beekeeping might be your thing, please get in touch.

This beautiful, 1968 British Racing Green MGB Roadster moved in with me in 2012, and since then I’ve enjoyed working on it, from basic maintenance to a major restoration (you can find details of how it was rescued from the ravages of rust here. This section of the site includes graphic images of iron oxide: so if you’re of a nervous disposition, beware!).

But just as importantly, I’ve loved driving it, whether locally or down to the south of France, it’s never missed a beat (well, it did once). It turns heads, sounds suitably fruity, and it connects the driver to what’s going on – unlike modern cars which attempt to do the opposite, not always with great outcomes.

Here is [er – will be] a series of pictures to give you a flavour of what this little green machine is all about [coming soon].

Lambourn valley Railway

As well as being a fan of the railways in general, I run the website of the Lambourn Valley Railway, a long-disused Great Western Railway branch line – with lots of lovely pictures of steam engines!



If you’re keen to see what I’ve been up to for most of my life,
there’s a bunch of stuff on this and succeeding pages.

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